Air Pro, in partnership with Click2Claim, offers you the opportunity to check your eligibility for financial compensation for a delayed or cancelled flight - as a prepaid service at a discounted price when you purchase your ticket online or at standard prices and conditions after you have travelled, via an online form HERE.

Click2Claim is professionally involved in recovering financial compensation from airlines and together with our travel agency we can help you too.

According to European legislation, in these cases you are entitled to compensation of 250 - 600 EUR depending on the length of the flight. The compensation obligation also applies to charter flights.

You can claim compensation up to 36 months in arrears.

Click2Claim handles the following types of irregularities:

  • Flight cancellations
  • Flight delays
  • Flight rerouting
  • Denied boarding
  • Missing a connecting flight


A Czech family (2 adults and 2 children) was scheduled to depart Malaga, Spain on a charter flight at 01:05. The plane had a technical fault. Waiting for a replacement plane caused a resulting delay of 4.5 hours. Although under the terms of the travel contract, the first and last day of the tour is for transportation, the air carrier did not follow the flight schedule for this charter flight and passengers can claim compensation of EUR 1,600 in accordance with Regulation (EC) 261/2004.