Embark on your lifelong dream journey

Have you ever dreamed of experiencing that feeling when Willy Fog circled the earth in 81 days? We'll help you make it happen, and it's entirely up to you whether you can do it in exactly the same amount of time or if you want to dawdle more or set an accelerated mode. The only condition is that you must return within one year of the start of your journey. And at prices starting from 99,990Kč per person including all fees.

You can choose from economy or business travel and there is no specific itinerary, it just depends on your dreams of what you would like to see. For inspiration, we've put together a few options for travel in each cabin.

And to top this up, if you are going to travel around the globe in business class you will get a card with access to airport lounges for up to two passengers and for up to two years for free!