USA for peanuts

See America through and through - how about up to four free domestic flights across the US to see a few more iconic cities for the price of a standard round-trip ticket to New York?


22.100 CZK / 5 cities / 6 flights

In the historical footsteps of the USA

Five key cities of the USA East Cost including all domestic flights for the price of simple return ticket from Europe. With a checked baggage included.


24.500 CZK / 4 cities / 5 flights

New York and West Coast metropolis

Manhattan cocktail right in New York, ice tea in San Francisco, beer in Los Angeles and Margharita in Las Vegas to finish everything off. Internation and domestic flights including onboard drinks and a checked baggage included!


25.100 CZK / 6 cities / 6 flights

Best of the USA

What about a flights to New York, Miami and Phoenix, and then by car via Grand Canyon to Las Vegas a then again by plane to Los Angeles and San Francisco? Including a checked baggage to satisfy your shopping fever for a price of a standard return ticket?

Journeys around the world

Let us plan your trip of a lifetime around the world at prices you won't believe. The destination options are almost limitless and you can visit every continent outside of Antarctica.


Economy class

Economy class

Japan, Malaysia, Australia, Hawaii, Continental USA, Europe - it´s only up to you what destinations for your dream trip you are going to pick.

And this with prices starting at 99.500 CZK and using the traditional airlines with full service onboard and including a checked bag.


Business class

Business class

Make it around the globe in style and comfort of business class at a fraction of the price when booking a separate ticket to each of your desired destinations.

And as a bonus, you will get a card with lounge access for up to two passengers for almost two years!

Family travel

We have a bunch of kids ourselves - young, middle and old - so we know how great and important it is to enjoy every minute together as a family. And that sometimes it's just as important to spend a few days just being together, without the kids... Or partying like we used to with our friends...


We want to enjoy every minute together...


I want to hook up with the girls...


I want to hang out with the boys...


We want to clear our heads a bit...