Disneyland and Marriott's Village

Taking the kids to Disneyland in Paris is probably on every parent's mind at some point, although you may read somewhere that it's not worth it given the crowds and the ever-present queues. And there's a bit of truth in every story... The queues can be really long and tiring, which is why you should choose accommodation as close to the park as possible. And ideally, both you and the kids can forget about the crowds and just relax for part of your stay.

So how about having a whole two-storey family house with several bedrooms, bathrooms, a fully equipped kitchen including a dishwasher, washing machine and dryer, plus a terrace with direct access to a beautiful garden. Plus a large outdoor and indoor pool? And all of this within the confines of a five-star hotel with its usual service, but with an in-house shop for room service in addition to quietly buying ingredients or ready meals for a private dinner in your villa? And then you can get to Disneyland within 10 minutes in the hotel's own minibus.

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All our Disneyland Paris packages include:

  • return private airport transfer

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