Who we like to fly with the most

We fly a lot ourselves, and we've seen a lot in the decades we've been flying - from the legendary Concorde, where you flew fifteen miles before the flight attendant refilled your champagne glass, to the Labrador assistant who slept next to us in his own business seat on a flight from New York to Amsterdam. That's why we've put together our own selection of airlines that we consider to be the best in the world in terms of absolute comparison. For this comparison, we have taken into account several factors, and always on a recurring basis, to rule out a mistake or, conversely, great service during only one particular trip. These factors include on-board services, staff assistance when needed, pricing policy for a given class of travel, the airline's home airport including the complexity of transfers and the frequent flyer programme.


  1. Qatar Airways
  2. Turkish Airlines
  3. Emirates
  4. Cathay Pacific
  5. Singapore Airlines
  6. KLM Royal Dutch Airlines
  7. Swiss
  8. Alaska
  9. Hawaiian Airlines
  10. American Airlines

Premium Economy

  1. Qantas
  2. Finnair
  3. Virgin Atlantic
  4. Air France
  5. KLM
  6. British Airways
  7. Emirates
  8. United Airlines
  9. American Airlines
  10. Iberia


  1. Qatar Airways
  2. Singapore Airlines
  3. Finnair
  4. British Airways
  5. KLM
  6. Air France
  7. Turkish Airlines
  8. Cathay Pacific
  9. United
  10. Qantas


  1. Air France
  2. Emirates
  3. Singapore Airlines
  4. Swiss
  5. Qantas
  6. Lufthansa
  7. ANA All Nippon Airways
  8. Cathay Pacific
  9. Japan Airlines
  10. British Airways