Have you and your girlfriends dreamed that it would be fun to go on an all-girl roadtrip to the States, but you didn't make it to your bachelorette party? And then the kids came along? So maybe this year, instead of classic lingerie and Tiffany earrings, dads can give you just such a trip under the tree, what do you say?

Let's start with New York, whether it's for one night or two. Live right in Times Square, grab dinner at the iconic Ellen's Stardust Diner, where the servers sing live and much better than any Czech Got Talent finalist. One more look at Abercrombie & Fitch on 5th Avenue and we can continue to Miami, it's only less than a three-hour flight.

Miami - what about here? Half or full day on the beach in Fort Lauderdale or right on South Beach. Or do you want to take a car trip to Key West, sample authentic Cuban cuisine and see where Ernest Hemingways walked? Or how about checking out some alligators by the side of the road in the Everglades? Let's go, or rather, let's keep flying.

Welcome to the city of angels, Los Angeles. How about breakfast right on the Santa Monica Pier and then a stroll in Venice? Then you could start the afternoon with a cupcake and coffee at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel, just like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. Because then you just cross the street and you're on Rodeo Drive. Do they have everything the same here? Then go to Gordon's for dinner at the London West Hollywood. And end the evening with a spectacular view of LA from the Griffith Observatory.

And now, Vegas, babies. What happens in this town stays here... Where to stay? Venetian, MGM, Bellagio? Or prefer the Stratosphere, so you can have a hot ride on the observation deck at 300m just as the elevator takes you out? And where for dinner tonight? How about L'Atelier by world-renowned Michelin-starred chef Joel Roubochon, to sample his tasting menu and his famous mashed potatoes. And as soon as you're done, walk just 30m through the lobby and you're off to see Cirque du Soleil's Ka show. The next day, it's just shopping at one of the outlet malls, a few last drinks by the pool in the afternoon, and then it's back home to Europe to see the kids and dads in the evening. You've missed them all, haven't you?


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