Are you tempted to drive across America, but the kids are too young? And your wife doesn't like it? So how about organising an epic American roadtrip with your friends, just like back in the day?

We'll get an early start on day one, as we have a long drive across the Atlantic and most of continental America. You'll land in Phoenix, Arizona in the late afternoon, now it's just a matter of renting a car or a motorcycle and a quick trip to your hotel in Scottsdale for a poolside drink, you've earned it after the trip!

The next day you'll get off to a slow start - breakfast and then a trip to the former teamster town of Goldfield, where time stood still at the beginning of the last century. On the way back, a stylish Tex Mex lunch awaits you in downtown Scottsdale and cool off in the pool again in the afternoon. And since your hotel also offers a great steakhouse, there's no point in tackling dinner anywhere else.

Today, we'll transfer to one of the most picturesque towns in the USA, Sedona in the Reck Rock Country, where you'll also make a little trek to one of the local peaks. Lunch awaits you at one of the many quaint restaurants right in downtown Sedona, where you will also spend the night.

You'll get an early start on your fourth day, as you'll have a long drive today, first from Sedona to Flagstaff and then north to the iconic Grand Canyon, arriving before noon. With many unforgettable sights, time passes incredibly quickly here and you'll easily spend several hours. You'll have a late lunch at the El Tovar Hotel, which you'll recognise from many American films, before heading off to Las Vegas. Almost at Las Vegas you'll turn off for a view of the Hoover Dam from the bridge during sunset and an unforgettable ride on the dam. Then just turn back to Las Vegas, where you'll arrive after dark, which is important for your first impression of the city because all those glowing casinos look even more impressive. After you've settled in, it's a good time to head out onto the Las Vegas Strip for a few more minutes for a drink and some well-done steak at one of the many restaurants. And maybe try your luck and win something before returning to your hotel casino room.

You'll start the next day with a hearty breakfast at one of the local hotel buffets, one of the best in the world, and then hop in the car and head first to the Valley of Fire and then on to Death Valley. Don't forget to buy plenty of water on the way, because otherwise you'll immediately understand what the name of this place is based on. You return to Las Vegas with the setting sun, take a quick shower and dinner is waiting for you at Gordon Ramsay's Burger. Have you ever had a burger with foie gras and a side of sweet potato fries topped with powdered sugar? It sounds crazy, but you'll definitely eat the whole thing.

After breakfast today, you'll return the rental car at the airport for your flight to San Francisco. You'll arrive around noon, transfer to your hotel in the heart of the city and spend the afternoon taking a pleasant walk from Pier 39, where you'll say hello to resting sea lions, through Fisherman's Wharf to the Palace of Fine Arts. This is followed by a ride on the iconic tram back directly into the city centre for dinner.

On day seven, you'll rent a car again, right downtown, and head nowhere else to go but the Golden Gate, which you'll cross heading north, where you'll drive down to the sea to the town of Sausalito, where great fresh seafood awaits you for lunch at one of the local restaurants. Now it's back to the airport, return the car and fly to the City of Angels, Los Angeles. You'll check into your hotel right at the airport, where a shuttle will take you within minutes and you'll be able to jump right into the pool with a drink in hand.

On the last day of your stay, after breakfast at the hotel, you'll take a leisurely five-minute walk to rent a car and head towards Universal Studios for a tour of the studios and film locations you'll remember from many Hollywood blockbusters. And of course, if you want, you can try out some of the many other attractions. After lunch, you'll then head to the Santa Monica Pier for a late lunch. And then it's back to the hotel to pick up your luggage and return the car. The shuttle will take you back to the airport within ten minutes, where you'll fly back home around 6pm, arriving the following afternoon.


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